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Sardinia Vol 3 - Birds and ASMR Sounds

Sardinia Vol 3 – Birds and ASMR Sounds

A journey through Sardinia capturing natural sounds. Natural sounds are unique depending on the location. My journey in recording the natural sounds of Sardinia started from the city of Cagliari along the East coast of the island to the islands of La Maddalena. In this section I had the unique opportunity to visit several nature parks with unique natural sounds.

Some of the most unique sounds you can hear of birds, the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the non-stop and raging wind which for a week was a problem for me. Some of the locations I recorded like Laguna di San Teodoro are unique places for explorers and wildlife watchers.

Files – 7 files / including metadata /
Size – 994 Mb
Sample Rate – 88 – 192 kHz / 32bit WAV
Gear – Zoom F3 / Rode M5 MP

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